Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Light Night Rains

I woke up this morning with a sore shoulder.

Oddly enough it was my left shoulder. If you know anything about me, this is odd. Generally, the right shoulder expirences glorious malfunction.

It makes a good story though, the right shoulder does. It makes a great story infact; one that I didn't write. But another time. Stay tuned.

Sunday I was holding a cup of hot coffee and doing something (I don't remember what) that could probably be considered a dangerous thing to do while holding a cup of hot coffee. The burning sensation that spread across my hand was fantastic. And not in the "Wow! Neat!" sense of the word fantastic either.

I mentioned to my sister that if I had a blog, I'd blog about that.

So here I go.

I'm still trying to figure out lots of different things so all this will be in a state of unsettle for quite some time. My goal is to create a blog that will be somewhere for me to post some thoughts, a few drawings, a spattering of ideas, a handful of things I'm working on, and all sorts of things.

All in good time. I do have a job.


Done as a piece for a class, and the name sake of my blog, "Light Night Rains" made it into my Senior Art Exhibtion and remains in my personal collection as one of my favorites from the show.

And naturally, Mozart gets flooded.


mgemb said...

wow. This really is new--as in today.

I like it. Nice, simple design. I've been playing with mine today to try to change things around a little.

lol...at first I thought it said "light night trains." Guess that isn't very poetic.

Cory said...

Trains? Funny. There's a great short story by Ray Bradbury that reminds me of.

mgemb said...

I can imagine light night-trains really scaring little kids.

The train book I always liked was "The Little Engine that Could." Do you remember that one?

Cory said...

Yeah, "I think I can, I think I can..."

There's this great poem by Shel Silverstein where the little train goes, "I think I can, I think I can..."

struggling up the hill....

"I think I can, I think I can..."

then, suddenly, it's engines give out and the little train flips backward down the hill and blows up.

The point being something about thinking you can isn't good enough.

Or whatever.

Gwen said...

hey what happened to my first post?? Michael I'll have you know I was the first to post on this durn blog...

Cory: you're announced. With fireworks and O Fortuna.

And you could totally drink 2%

Gwen said...

sigh. if only my "tree/road/building" project had been so cool.

Tom said...

dude! welcome to the blogging world... i like flooded mozart.

Mom said...

Cory, honey, please edit your misspellings. love, mom

timf said...

It was my brother who first chided me on my abuse of the language. Welcome to the world of blogging. It's about TIME!


zacfoo said...

yay! my scanned pencil drawing gains value by the minute. thanks for the namesake and... Go! Blogger, Go!

Cory said...

hey yeah, not too many people can say that they own a print with the same title as a certain blog.