Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Das Leierschwanz, or The Lyrebird

Not only do they make for great currency and stamps, these birds make the most incredible sounds.

That last one is the most unbelievable bird song I think I've ever heard.

* * *

If you can't tell, I'm gathering a lot of reference; bird reference.


Gloamer said...

You're an artist. What color is water?

Gloamer said...

I meant rain.

Cory said...

best I can do:


and as for caedmon, is this todd? as in todd the drummer?

Gloamer said...

Nope. Different guy. Different instrument. Different band. Nice blog though.

Cory said...

I met Todd Bragg the drummer of "Caedmon's Call" at Peterson's album release fiesta. (see post, Friday, September 02, 2005
Nashville is just fine; and three other things I learned.)

He's a super cool guy.


Hey thanks for stopping by though.

Gloamer said...

yep. Peterson's going to be in South Carolina this weekend I think. Columbia, if I'm not wrong.

Cory said...

Yeah, then he'll be in Greenville October 7. Brannon was the mastermind behind that.

Esther said...

the last one is creepy weird! I wouldn't want a bird like that waking me up in the morning.

Cory said...

It's so musical it's unearthly.