Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Great Musical Things, or Transatlanticism

"Grecian Muse"

I love music.

I took private piano lessons for 3 years, 3rd grade to 6th grade. I was an abomination. The principal and the board of directors of the local schools held weekend long retreats about whether or not to literally blow-up the pianos I had touched. Mozart rolled over in his grave, and Beethoveen actually came back from the dead and shot our household piano with a rifle.

Maybe that's all true, maybe not. I'll never tell. However, I
did try to sell the piano once as a kid. I made a sign in the front yard with stencils, "GREAT PIANO FOR SALE! BEETHOVEEN SHOT IT WITH A RIFLE! ASK INSIDE!" Didn't work. I used to bring my Calvin & Hobbes books to class and try and distract my teacher. I'd be like, no wait, look at this one, no, wait, look at this one. But it was no good. She was too quick for that. She was from Poland or some such former Soviet block country and had a funny accent. She was brilliant.

As much as I'd love to be able to sing and play music, in a way, maybe not understanding fully helps me not to over analyze things and purely enjoy it without understanding it. Or something like that.

The last two or three days have been full. I can't put up any of the work or mention it directly probably for reasons whatever, but it's been inking work on an animated commercial. It's a lot of work but it's the sort of work where I can just tape on my headphones and go. Yes, tape them on. They're old and I broke them so I taped them rather than buy new ones. Oh well.

I've had
the Transatlanticism album playing alot recently.

The title song, Transatlanticism, track 7, is probably the most fantastic song. The first song off the album, The New Year is beautiful too.

I've also been playing The Postal Service. Smooth and melodic.

Nothing Better, is such a great song.

If you ever get a chance, listen to any of these albums, they're great. I'll not vouch for every word on these two CDs so take 'em with a little salt. A little, not too much.

Also, I've been playing this amazing singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens. ANY of his CDs are worth every penny. I was given
Seven Swans by a friends for my birthday and find it very pleasing.

This one, Illinoise is out of control, hands down, one of the most unbelievable CDs I've ever heard. Anyone how was heard it knows just what I mean. I'll do it injustice to ever try and describe the sweeping beauty that is Illinoise.

And regardless of what you thought of the film, John Williams wrote a killer score to Episode III.

And there are others, I'm musically ADHD. I've got an iTrip so anyone who ever rides with me hates me afterwards. Somehow I cannot listen to an entire song through. Check out the iTrip link up there. I get a kick out of the reviews, people either love it 5 stars or hate it. They complain it doesn't sound that great or whatever, well dang it, it's coming out of a radio.

I'm pleased with it though, it's great. To be able to have my whole iTunes library in my car? Super cool.

I jump around a lot, musically. I'll go from "The Best of the Red Army Choir" (thanks Gwen) to anything by Paul McCartney to film scores by Danny Elfman (the genius Danny Elfman) to Hans Zimmer to Coldplay to The Postal Service to Yann Tiersen.... and lots of other things I just don't feel like writing now.

It's true; I love music.


joy mccarnan | said...

i love the postal service's music video that was produced by the guy who made napoleon dynamite. it's hilarious. here's the link:

"we will become silhouettes"

Cory said...

Hey yeah, I'd heard about the video but I'd never gotten around to seeing it, thanks.

I just watched it, man, it's brilliant.

Gibbard looks like Luke Skywalker at the end there. From the back anyway.

That's great.