Monday, February 13, 2006

Introducing More Famous Dreams!

Most of my dreams are mundane things, and not at all very exciting. I've heard of people having dreams where things morph and change shape and get huge or everything is strange colors. Not so with me. Most times it seems like its, "Oh no! My 'check engine soon light' is on!" Not very exciting.

Every once a while though, I'll have a great dream. Once when I was young I dreamed I was a dolphin in the arctic circle. I don't know if dolphins can even live there (probably not I'd wager) but even so I dreamed I was one. That still ranks as my #1 dream.

My second great dream was I found a pink and orange and white Calico cat that was the size of your finger stuck in a spider web outside the kitchen window. I got him out and kept him and I named him Robert. He grew to be about as big as the palm of your hand.

But recently I have been having famous dreams.

Take Peter Jackson for instance, just showed up in my dream.
Well, the other night, two for the price of one: Stephen King and Johnny Cash.

Stephen King: He came over and we hung out in the basement of my mom's house listening to Bob Dylan records. He was really emotional and worked up about something. He was so bothered he couldn't even get the words out right which frustrated him even more.


Next, we have my friend Josh Fink and I walking up the drive to a very large expensive looking house with big iron gates. There were palm fronds growing all over. It was the home of the Man in Black.
Johnny Cash: He welcomed us. He had a guitar and he was just getting into his car. Somehow I knew this was 2003 (the year he died) so he looked old but he was happy. All I really remember was telling him about Erin (we had starting dating that year.)

Dreams, dreams...


welshbelly said...

hey sorry to barge in - i was just wanderring around i i cam ehere. you have a great eye and some good work-- i'm jealous- at one time i was set to go into graphic design , but life pulled me in other directions- i haven't seriously pick up a sketch pad in years. don't let it die!!!
as for dreams i seem to always have a few of the same reacurring ones. the most memerable is this hill- i know i'm in Africa, but it's a very fertile place, the sun is setting, theirs a breeze, and this awesom tree on top of the hill- i have to make it to the tree- it has what i need, but i never touch it-- crazy huh- well i'll leave you be- thanks for the time

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