Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Slight Weapons Malfunction...

Perhaps some of the most faithful readers will remember when I fried my iPod to a charcoal briquette. For those who may need to catch up, here are the two posts from this past summer:

The Cardboard Sarcophagus:
Detailing the inital problems, complete with illustration.

The 20GB Resurrection w/Click Wheel:
The return from the dead, complete with illustration.

Now, however, we have another malfuction; the ear buds. I've worn them to death.

They've been as far north as Canada, as far west the Rockies, as far south as Florida, around 25,000 feet in the air (on multiple ocassions) and underground NYC deep in the subway systems. And all in one summer too. I'm sure someone else has done far worse but that's not bad for me. Especially all in one summer.

But unfortunately for all those involved (which amounts to me and my iPod) there's no fix for this. I tried. I punched it a couple times but it didn't work. But I will make do.

Behold! My astronaut headphones. I can pick up the moon with these babies.
Thanks Gramma.


Alexis Gallisa said...

Consider yourself lucky. A built in excuse to throw out those pure excuse for headphones which come with each and every iPod. I actually have 3 pairs of them, 2 of them still in their wrappers if you really want them. I'd suggest a nice pair of Etymotics or Shure in ear headphones. Try Headroom for a good selection. If you use your iPod for exercise I would suggest looking in their exercise section as using In-Ear-Monitor headphones while running is not such a good idea. First you can't hear the bus which is about to plow into you as you cross the street, and second you can hear your footsteps in the headphones. But for sitting on the train or general music hearing they are such a huge improvement (your ears will thank you).

Alexis Gallisa said...

The pair your grandma gave you are super bad ass though.

pikepeak said...

i found that wearing large headphones over my eyes with music playing was
a transcendant bi-aural experience with
grits and butter.