Monday, February 20, 2006

Wuthrich [edit]

New pieces Erin and I have acquired from our good friend and my favorite artist that I know personally, Kaite Wuthrich. These are from her senior exhibition. If you're in the Greenville area you'd be glad to go and see the show.

I figured my color photos off my phone to be bad so I only took one. Too bad it takes sort of OK color pictures. I took one to prove it to myself (that it would be bad) but as it turns out it's not so bad. So. Too bad.

and to prove the size of these things....

Erin and another friend Cassia next to one of Katie's landscapes.

If I can, sometime I'll try and get some better color pictures of these. They are amazing.


color! not great color, but now they got color none-the-less.

still nothing compared to seeing them real and in person though.


andrea said...

please post additional pictures of katie wu's stellar works! i was wicked bummed that i wasn't able to see her show, but her parents promised to bring back some photos for me. did katie ever show off her work for our home church? ask her about it one of these days.

Alessandro_PPG said...

Hy Cory! Congratulations! Parabéns pelo seu blog e pelo conteúdo interessante que tem nele! Muito Legal! Very cool! By!