Sunday, April 30, 2006


The finished idea. I started painting around 6 PM Sunday evening and somewhere along the way noticed that the sun was rising on a new Monday. I left work at 9 AM and slept til around 3 PM when I heard the cat throwing up. 15 hours in one stretch. Working, not the cat throwing up.

I stopped for once or twice to drink some Texas Pete (my secret weapon) and kept going.

* * *done. i think.
* * *

emissary of the Hero
* * *

I think he looks more surprised. And more dead.
* * *
oh silly goliath...
* * *
The philistines were clean shaven? Oh well.
Expect updates all night.


Chase said...


Never left yah a comment before, so here it goes. Don't stay up too late. I'm sure even you need some sleep from time to time.

Piotr said...

great texture with the grass. It's nice to see a Mac man at work!

Cutu said...

Awww man! Gee I don't know if I should feel inspired and glad or jealous and depressed, that's how good your work is! The warm colors, the composition and the characters are all great. I'm working for a children's version of the bible and had to do this specific chapter. It is posted at my blog right now (around March 26, I believe) and there is no point on comparing them. Yours is so much better I should quit. But seriously you have really inspired me on pushing myself and doing a better work. Great stuff all around your blog.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Way to go, Cory! You are an inspiration.
Love your new works.
Take care and I will be looking forward to coming back to your blog again. :)

Marion said...

Great to see how you make this.

LDahl said...

This is so great!! I really enjoyed your fiesty kitty video too!