Monday, May 22, 2006

Illustration Friday: "Sorry"

"...sorry i didn't do this sooner! ha ha!"

For about a ton more drawings along these lines from the ride back, click here.
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Lord Grayworth said...

I love these sort of sketches, and the impact of the idea, with that freedom of lines, strokes, distorted shapes.

Great impression!

Ken Chandler said...

I hate to be the one to bear the news, but there's some really amazing artwork on your blog. I know it must come as a shock. I'm suprized your friends haven't let you in on the secret, and who can blame them, the shock must be great; who'd want that kind of thing on their conscience. I'm just sorry a stranger had to be the one to tell you.

Good luck getting all that worked out. I'm sure if you contact the guys at Blogger they'll help you sort through it.

Thanks for letting us see your stuff. It was fun checking it out.

Abbie said...

HA!! too cute!
Nice sketches!
:) Abbie

Gloamer said...

is that an increadible molskine? Wow, with your talent and a molskine... you're practically unstoppable!

Cory said...

it is mole.