Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My bride and me.
And now we are back.


Eddie spenser said...

From my "Epithalamion":

Now ceasse, ye damsels, your delights forepast;
Enough is it that all the day was youres:
Now day is doen, and night is nighing fast:
Now bring the bryde into the brydall boures.
The night is come, now soone her disaray,
And in her bed her lay;
Lay her in lillies and in violets,
And silken courteins over her display,
And odourd sheetes, and Arras coverlets.

Congrats, Ed.

esther said...

congratulations!!! the pictures of gwens are awesome. I'm happy for you both!!!

Abbie said...

Congrats! the pics are gorgeous!
:) Abbie

Cedric said...


stacey m said...

awesome! congratulations!!!

Ryan Bowlin said...

Congratz! It looks like a beautiful building!

Daniel said...

Congratz to you good sir. The photos are really magical, just like your art.

Josh said...

Congrats my friend:)

Màriam said...


Pollo Rosa Loovink Sjukdomur said...

^^ay qué belleza!!!

bonito post :)