Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Slideshow

For those who'd like to see, our amazing photographer, Gary Ventura, put together a little slide show of a scant fraction of the pictures he took for our wedding.

Enjoy it!
Cory & Erin Godbey


Anonymous said...

oh my...are you guys famous or something?? those picts are movie star cool! actually i take that back. they are cory and erin amazingly beautiful. so glad to honk and shake my fist at you guys yesterday!! you look wonderful! there is a story as to why i couldn't make it to your wedding...and now i am so sad i didn't.

much love to you guys. i am hopping off to the uk for a month. :) and no steven segall moves...i promise.


Cory said...

dear segallary, we were pleased to see you and your fist shaking on the interstate yesterday as well. it's not ever day that you see steven segall in a hillary costume on 385. or the real hillary for that matter.

for a context for this and more charming moments, see the whole story here:

our regards to the queen mother.

Gwen said...

cory i've watched this like 8 times now. dang. i think you officially got the best photographer ever. amazing. truly. the little Reese cup is adorable beyond words.

Anonymous said...

can't stop, mom

Mathew Sims said...

Congrats on getting married. Everything looked splendid. My wife really enjoyed the photography as well.

Hope you are doing well...


albina said...

It is an absolutely amazing record of event – thank you for sharing! Wishes of lifetime of bliss, congratulations to you both!

Grace said...

wow. that was amazingly gorgeous. Congrats to you guys! love the style and the ambiance. very much you guys. once again, cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi- my fiance and I are considering using Gary for our wedding. Your photos are amazing- could you tell us a little more about your experience using him? You can email me-


Anonymous said...

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