Friday, August 18, 2006

Illustration Friday: "Match"

Quite a match.

I write a lot. I enjoy it. And every once in a while, I've written something for someone else.

Sometime ago, shortly after I began dating my now wife, I wrote a story her younger sister, Julia.

In the story, I wrote of a young Queen (named Julia) her favorite Blue Goblet and of The Goblet Thieving Beast of the Mountain, who took the aforementioned Goblet. The story follows Julia's journey to reclaim her lost possesssion. What I didn't know, was that Julia (the real life one) really had a blue goblet, a blue cup that was her favorite cup. And in fact, a few other particulars I had mentioned in the story (a pocket accordian) she actually had as well.

The story has since developed into an elaborate history, four more books (above is an image from the history, but the Mountain figure returns in book III) and even it's own musical theme that a friend of mine has written.

Strange, strange thing. Quite a match.
* * *
For a little more...

Anatolia: The Legend of The Blue Goblet
The Blue Goblet, book I: The Travels of Queen Julia
The Blue Goblet, book II: The Many Troubles of Paul
The Blue Goblet, book III: The King in the Mountain
The Blue Goblet, book IV:
The Blue Goblet, book V:


Malin H said...

This one is great! Like the brown colour and you've picked out a nice illo for the topic. I don't know what to do myself yet... hrm.

Diane Duda said...

an inspiring, magical image!

Stacia said...

The contrast between the two figures is striking! Mountain man is so unique! Great illo. The story sounds fascinating too!

Sister said... named the Minotaur Paul? goober. Oh wait..I think I did know that...nevermind

Long live the Mountain King for I love him so.

yeah, pretty sure Anatolia is and will be my favorite book in the series. have you drawn the guy yet??

Liz Jones said...

I love this!!

Gwen said...

when you become the next jk rowling, will you invite me to all your galas?

you amaze me friend.

ps tell your beautiful wife hey...miss you both

Alina Chau said...

Love your take on theme!! Beautiful!!

mjc said...

Beautiful illustration!
I really love the giant!

georg said...

Beautiful and so poetic! I can see, the big fellow here has personality and is a very gentle person, inspite of his large body.

Wonderful face - great!

Michael O'Connell said...

what a great story… your work always had a magical feel to it…

stacey m said...

so wonderful, the color really adds to the warmth of the relationship :)

scribblesk said...

Amazing and monumental!