Monday, August 07, 2006


Friday evening we had several friends over late into the night.

All at once, the spirit of The Who descended and we broke a guitar on the porch.


Ben said...

I'm glad Pete Townshend dropped in. Plastered.

Cory said...


Anonymous said...

For your amusement, from back in '87, I think:

As I stood in the lobby waiting for my key,
I felt something strange happening to me.
I rushed up to my room and shut the door,
the room was empty but I weren't alone no more.

Well a voice spoke to me but it weren't my own,
someone was coming thru' on the psychic telephone.
He said "Hi Arsehole" I'm coming thru',
let's have some fun now and smash up this room.

I wanna throw things out the window,
I wanna smash up the room.
'Cause I've been possessed by,
the spirit of Keith Moon.

Well out the window went the TV
followed by the phone,
then we covered all the walls
with fire extinguisher foam.
We tore the sink from the wall
and let the bath overflow,
then watched it hit the pavement,
ten floors below.