Wednesday, December 13, 2006

blue goblet III

This afternoon I finished up the rough draft of the third Blue Goblet story.

description written by Stephanie Young for the Fall 2006 Portland Studios mailer.

And here, I publish, for the first time, the prologue to The Blue Goblet, book III: The King in the Mountain


A loose end is a loose end. To fix it, you must tie it up. A tied up loose end is good and a well tied up loose end is even better.

But no matter how well you tie it, a loose end is still, as always, a loose end.

And even a well tied up loose end has a peculiar way of unraveling itself.
It would almost lead one to think that maybe tying it up is not enough....

Sometimes you must deal with a loose end.


Gwen said...

i cannot WAIT to own this story for myself...

Anonymous said...

Who publishes blue goblet? Portland? Where can one find it? It looks great!
~ Will

julia ;) said...

cory i love it!i am very pleased with them, and i can't wait to read and own them all.