Friday, February 23, 2007

tuesday morning

Lots of client work + recently + me - personal time = no new art to post

I have discovered that my mac can take video. Even sped up video. So, for anyone who wanted to see what the view from my monitor looks like, click the below:

This is my Tuesday morning. Most of it was boring, but the film is sped up so it goes like a fast boring. I cut out the really boring parts, like where it's just my head jittering around looking at work on the screen. Mostly I just left in where people came over to talk.

There's really only one worthwhile part, around 23 seconds into it. I would not blame you if you stopped watching after about 26 seconds.

Others in my short film, in order of apperance:
Cedar, Portland intern.

I think Brannon pops in at one point. I don't remember. I'll have to check.

At one point I picked up the computer and held it next to the hamster cage. But it goes quick. Keep a sharp eye.

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Josh said...

Fun vid man.