Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Highlights for Kids

These are for Highlights, a children's magazine. I've done several pieces for them and have enjoyed the experience. You may imagine where the text went on both of the pieces.

Highlights, June 2007
Accompanying a poem about the zoo and its multifaceted inhabitants.

Highlights, May 2007
Accompanying a poem about birthdays and waking up on your birthday. Which was always very fun.

* * *

I'm thinking it would be alright to post these since they've already had their print run. I'm sure I'll find out if it's not.


Anonymous said...

Wish my sister still received the magazine so I could see these in print.

Shannon said...

Your use of light never ceases to amaze. How you get a patch of not-quite-white color to be almost-hard-to-look-at bright is beyond me. Bravo.