Monday, June 04, 2007


We (Erin and I) with friends at North Myrtle beach this past weekend. Shrimp and sunburns!

North Myrtle, the day it wasn't raining.

This is a very telling photograph; Justin is as he appears-- a strange mix of Lawrence of Arabia and the T1000 from Terminator 2.

Erin is trying to climb on my back in the pool. It is not working. And it is funny.

Crafting the finest sandcastle/monster the world has known.


We also went down to the beach some time past midnight during a storm.

Rain lashed our faces and wind whipped the ocean. There was no horizon like earlier, somehow the sky and the ocean had merged into a singluar wall. Black waves rolled in and hammered the beach.

Out of the rain and darkness a pure white volleyball came tumbling past my foot.

I brought it home.


Julie Arsenault said...

I may be wrong, but this looks like the best beach trip to N Myrtle Beach EVER.

Anonymous said...

you made a dribble castle! my dad taught me to make dribble castles when i was little in rhode island! i can't believe i'm seeing a real dribble castle. thats fantastic.
lawrence of arabia is amazing.
erin is very pretty and she has a nice smile!

Michael said...

so fun :)
heard you were going from Gramma. I love that pool picture--and the monster, I have to say.

Vanessa said...

Dribble castles are fun... mine always fall over though. Maybe I try to make them too tall.

smeller said...

funny, I was in N Myrtle Beach at the same time.
-Carlee (illustration student)(saw you at Barnes & Noble too!)

Anonymous said...

A white volleyball. Gasp. Wilson from Castaway.