Monday, July 16, 2007

Who is Adolphus M. Grimble?

Good question! Is Adolphus M. Grimble the next greatest literary character to appear in print? Will he go down in our collective memory as the oscillatingly sympathetic and delightfully hateable Proprietor of the Manufactory?

I don't know for sure but I am prepared to wait and find out.

He is, in fact, a person and character of my own creation. A strange mix of emotions, desires, and personal catastrophes. He is melancholic and explosive. He loves filth and pink muffins.

He has attained a position of importance in The Brothers Grimble: Jack & Inar, a story of my own writing and illustrating, set for print publication in the fall of 2007.

Adolphus has created a Facebook account and has set to demoralise those around him with insensitive personal remarks, unsolicited advice, and his overall ostentatious personality.

Request Adolphus M. Grimble to be your friend on Facebook and join the verbal abuse!

Below are some samples of his personality, congealed in actual comment form in response to writings on his Facebook wall.


Bettsi McComb said...

I love Adolphus. It must surely be that dashing uniform!

I just discovered you through Illo Friday. You are immensely talented!

Cory said...

Adolphus is pleased you like him! Though he is not surprised.

"Naturally," quoth he.