Monday, September 10, 2007

more shedu, in progress.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you rockin' out with the shedu, Cory! Looks great. -Henry Neff

Cory said...

Hey Henry! Just received our copies of The Tapesty yesterday. The second cover has been great to work on and some ideas have spilled over into my personal work, as you can see.

Got to love those Shedu.

How was your book release party?

Ferdi said...

Hello Cory,

At last my internet is working again. It's been down for almost two weeks and that's why I couldn't reply sooner.

You're most welcome! I just felt like I had to tell you what I think of your work. Couldn't suppress it any longer ;-).

The Netherlands are nice. But to someone from the USA it'll seem quite small. You can actually drive from the far north of Holland to the utmost south in about 4 hours.
Furthermore, the weather is usually grey and rainy. I've been waiting for summer to come, but it hasn't shown itself and now fall is ready to barge in.
But... there's enough to be seen here to keep a tourist busy for a couple of weeks. It's not comparable to any other country, so I bet you won't be disappointed!

About the drawings... perhaps one day I'll send you some. Right now I feel like a moron when I see yours :-P. I'll keep practicing though!


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