Tuesday, September 04, 2007


For every real piece I do, there's usually half a dozen smaller ones. I'll work on a painting or a drawing for a finished piece and by the time I'm done there's generally five or six completely unrelated little watercolors or pencils. They've got nothing to do with the main piece, no way to just glance at them and recognize the connection, they're just there.

Yesterday I figured it out, why I do them. I think I figured it out-- it's got to be one of two things. Either, I get bored too fast from the real piece, or, I like to feel more prolific than I actually am. So I do a bunch of little paintings to make up for how long it takes me to do one "real" piece.

I finally have the working space I've been wanting. Erin and I have a house and we've spent the past forever ripping out floors, putting in wood floors, painting, replacing, removing walls (not us personally) and doing our best to not let the cats get out.

I finally have a room where I can leave all my mess out, desks lining the wall, and my keyboard (I pretend I can play the piano)

I'll have to put up some pictures.


Oliver. said...

That sounds like a lot of work, i'd love to see some pictures of the place, please.

Cedar said...

Your art gets better day by day, I love the dragon and his speckled ege.

Cory said...

Thankee, friend.