Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've got a friend here at work that is a Polymath. What is a polymath? I don't know either. But he's a polymath none-the-less, and he does polymath good. Some people sretch themselves thin and do many things but none of them very well. Aaron does them all. And greatly.

Aaron Greene, husband of one, father of three, writes and teaches music, holds a myriad of degrees, plays in a band, recored and engineered our studios' first audio book (yet to be released) he's our in-house IT guy, and to top it all off he's an excellent photographer.

And I don't just be saying that because he makes us all look good. Even though he does. Anyway.

He's recently started a photoblog and is posting some really superior photographs. Above is Aaron's son, Jude. Visit often. I will be.

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