Wednesday, December 05, 2007

productivity: down, good times: up

The Luxury Wing of Portland Studios. That's where I work. The Luxury Wing was established in our old office, founding members include Justin and myself.

Honorary members include, Jamin, our publishing and financial man here at Portland Studios.

The requirements for admission into the Luxury Wing are as follows: a recurring, debilitating pyshical injury. And that's about it. My shoulder dislocates. Justin's shoulder hyper-extends and dislocates. These are terrible, terrible things. But thankfully have not occurred to either of us in a while.

Jamin, Honoris Causa: double knee injury, soccer.

Our work space is luxurious however. And we don't mind that a bit.

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Paige Keiser said...

Nice! I have my Xbox 360/Call of Duty4/Halo 3 and HD TV set up right in my art studio. That's how I 'take breaks' in between drawings lol :-)