Friday, January 18, 2008

Illustration Friday: "Plain"

Olaf der Postman. This is just plain exciting for me. A friend of mine, Josh, is taking Olaf, a treasured creation of mine, into 3D. Olaf has some kind of significance for Illustration Friday, kind of, a painting of him was the first post to IF I did two years or so ago.

See here for Olaf's Great Escape and more about Olaf and his involvement in my first IF post and your post. As in the mail service.

Also, click above on "Josh" and see all his 3D work in progress on the Troll that brings you the mail.

Thanks to all, especially Olaf.


myhermitude said...

Cory, I enjoyed your Olaf troll story to which you linked.

I am in love with your animation, "le cadeau du temps" -- I love silhouette art (at one time did some scherenschnitte, long ago), and yours in animation is topping my favorites. The story in it is stirring and made me feel happy, sad and hopeful in the progression and ending (new beginnings)... . What brilliant talent and intriguing mind you are gifted with!

Sushi Sundae said...

WOW, amazing, I love le cadeau du temps. What a beautifully simple and creative gem!

Kate said...

He looks like a kind troll!

thefridayfrog said...

a one of a kind character, corey...coming from the same kind of mind. :))


badly drawn girl said...

1. I love the story you wrote about Olaf, great creation!

2. I've got to say congrats on a job well done with le cadeau du temps, I absolutely love it. Very soul stirring and beautifully done. I saw it before I discovered your blog by accident. . . I was thrilled to see the process! And it was my favorite zune video. I liked it so much I blogged about it. :)