Monday, February 18, 2008

blood, sweat, and registration lines.

Earning the sticker.

We've had a sticker on the door to our studio for a while. It reads (as you might imagine) PORTLAND STUDIOS. But below that there are three other words: Illustration, Design and Animation.

We've had illustration covered since the beginning and design came along shortly after but animation?

Animation was just a sticker on the door for a long time. It was a wishful thought comprised of vinyl and some form of adhesive stuck to the glass thing that you open to get into the office.

But no longer.

Portland Studios steps boldly into path carved by the hands of those pencil-testers, key-framers, and in-betweeners who went before us. We fight and we build. We have nothing to offer but blood, sweat, and registration lines.

We are making hand-drawn, 2-D animation.

And lines are moving.

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kev said...

Wow. That sounds awesome Cory! I hope we-uh- see some soon. That would be cool. Anyway, sounds great!