Tuesday, February 19, 2008

trolls from the past.

Trolls from --you guessed it-- a year ago. I looked in the February 2007 archives and found a lot of boring stuff. But there was this. Which probably made it worth the click. Probably.

thumbnail of it.


hake pagino said...

dude, i just wanted to say thanks for updating your blog so frequently (and with images too!). it's like christmas every morning almost!


Cory said...

Thanks Jake for the first comment of it's kind here-- I think.

It can get crazy trying to maintain a blog and update it regularishly with work and family life and personal projects all that going on.

There's all kind of client work related things but I can't really post any of them until they're published. Oh well!

Glad I can make it sort of like Christmas sometimes!

kev said...

Your like Christmas all the time 24/76! I think you're the best artist I know! I think your better than Van Gaugh or Leonardo DiVinci! I like art more than any kind of art! And you update more frequently than most bloggers and even sites I know! Again great work! I like the scared goat. Great touch!