Tuesday, April 29, 2008

fueling the hype machine:

The company I work for has begun another foray into the print market, first with Beowulf, now with Zines.

The first Zine released by Portland is by Chris, the second to be released sometime in the June/July vector of the calendar is from me.

32 pages, full color.

It's called Ticket. Not "Picket" as my ridiculous handwriting might lead you to believe.

Here's hoping it doesn't come off esoteric or unintelligible. Those of you who frequent this blog will likely recognize the protagonist as Lily von Silvie Lenore, someone I've had with me for the past 6 or 7 years.

Lily von Silvie Lenore
Curious Events

Curious Events is a small book I made, printed and simply bound, for my wife (then girlfriend) and is one of my most closely guarded works. Ticket is a continuation of that story.

To me, Ticket is sort of like a postlude to the Curious Events story. There are four stories in my (yet unreleased) "Library of Curious Events."

Not necessarily essential to the overall story but more of a distillation of the tone and feeling of the books. Another enjoyable visit, for me at least. Curious Events in the abstract -- if that makes sense.

From the teaser itself:

Ticket is a story in pictures and a collection of all things Cory loves to draw. From windmills flying above grassy hills to massive birds landing in Grecian vineyards, Ticket follows the story of a girl, her hat, and the curious events which transpire.


rebecca said...

cool!! You are so creative and talented...always a joy to visit here!

kev said...

Ticket looks like a cool book- I will look forward to it. I hope soon we can see this Library of Curious Events.

Also I was wondering when Jack & Inar is coming out...?

And lastly, I was wondering if you could -maybe- do another Blue Goblet post soon...