Monday, April 07, 2008

more development work

Here's a handful of images, some development work I did a few months ago.

The look is somewhat removed from my usual fare. I'd love to hear what you may think about it. Is it zany in a good or bad way? Do you like the look? These are the questions the public want answers to. Or actually just me.

Several iterations of design I was beyond not into but the final style has translated well into some of the animation projects that are currently underway here. Enjoy.

* * *
Here's a previous post of one of the characters development, start to finish. William.


Brittney Lee said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! The colors in the top three paintings are so vibrant and warm that it is difficult for me to look away from them. Excellent!

Abby said...

Aw, these are so much fun! It's good to stretch once in awhile. I really enjoy the subtle texture differences in the top piece. The over-saturated colors in the next to pieces work really well too. I'm curious to see what these are being put in to!

Suzanna said...

i love the new! but i don't think it's as original as the old. the old is unlike anything i've ever seen anyone do... the new, although great... well, i've seen some like it before. it's kind of familiar... but still nice :)

Oliver. said...

I really love the color scheme in the 1st and 2nd image. Wonderful work Cory. Can I use them as desktop wallpaper?