Monday, April 21, 2008

more from Zune.

Those of you who frequent my blog (where ever you are out there) will remember around December of 2007 the Zune Arts film "Le Cadeau du Temps" --check out the side bar to catch you up if those French words are unfamiliar.

In any case, the good people at 72andSunny, the agency behind the Zune Arts campaign, were awesome and sent four free Zunes our way a little while ago.


And by way of a thank you for the Zunes, I'm putting together some paper cut-outs and watercolors for them. They don't know. So don't tell them.


Caleb said...


Peace. - Caleb

Carl (ee) said...

nice! in addition to paying you, I'm assuming?

by the way... the mass of posting is AWESOME... please continue

Cory said...

Thanks Caleb.

Carl (ee) -- yes, in addition :)