Wednesday, April 16, 2008

screw Wii Fit.

Have you guys heard of Wii Fit? Well screw it! Who needs it!

Look, Nintendo has already released a work out device even better than that. And they released it three years ago.

You know exactly what I'm talking about-- the Nintendo DS. That's right. All you need is a DS and Tetris and a treadmill.

Behold, I have found a way to make the work-outs work for me.

It works. Somehow, it works. It corrects posture, it makes the time fly lightning fast, and it works.

I don't really mean screw Wii Fit. I love Nintendo and I'm sure it will be cool. But a DS and Tetris and a treadmill is all I need. Woo!


Hendrick said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA thats exactly how do I do my excercises! HAHAHAHA

rebecca said...

You know, I love our wii!! well I love Guitar Hero on the wii...

...and I love tetris. LOVE tetris, but seriously I would have to make a reservation in the ER if I even considered treadmill tetris. Just sounds dangerous. But hell, if it gets you to work out why not! Not knocking it, actually envious at the multitasking ability.

I practically fall off changing anything on my ipod....Ok, left myself wide open but being honest.

Cory said...

Yeah it's pretty amazing, I haven't fallen yet. I don't think I've got very good balance (probably could use Wii Fit to help that) but somehow I've managed to stay walking.

I've got to hold the DS out in front of me (if I look down it makes me dizzy) so it sort of forces you to keep it straight. Otherwise, yes, I'd be on the floor. Probably with a dislocated shoulder. I'm good at doing that. It doesn't take much.