Friday, April 25, 2008


Ever hear of a "zine" ? -- you know like a magazine -- Zine is a new word for me. But I do know it's not indie cool to say a full word. No, no. You'd be mistaken if you thought that.

It's indie cool to take a perfectly normal word and remove letters from it (or in some extreme cases add letters) -- it's indie cool to say zine. Nerds.

art by Chris.

But! Portland has released its first Zine -- Sweet Ride, by Chris Koelle.

You can check it out on the Portland blog here.

32 pages. $10.00

Essentially, Chris took a bunch of old pictures of people and bicycles and drew them. Oh boy! Short pants with lots of wrinkles.

There are also originals available for purchase. $40.00 for an original + a zine.

Cycle your way across the internet over to the Portland Store and pick up a signed, limited edition. If you are into that sort of thing.

* * *

They just got into the studio here the other day and they look and feel very, very nice.


Here's a quick musical tour of the book. If you're not yet convinced:

*** This etymological update from our anonymous correspondent:


eyecontact said...

Very cool. Love the different media apps, too. Fun!

Anonymous said...

the word zine came from "fanzine" not "magazine", and has been around since the 1930s or 1940s, before anyone was "indie" to be "indie cool".

Cory said...

Awesome! You're a doll, anonymous. Thank you for not letting your anonymity stop you from contributing.

rbaird said...

Ha! You're so cool!
Great illustration.
Equally great video!