Thursday, May 15, 2008

goblet doodle and question

Here's a little Blue Goblet doodle. I haven't posted much about the Blue Goblet for sometime, mostly due to my involvement in many other projects. Be assured that this project is alive and well and will, when the time is right, be complete.

* * *

Over the next few weeks, in spare time, I've been challenged with the creation of a ten second animation for Portland Studios. Not I only, but Chris and Justin as well. The idea being a short animated piece before the Portland logo.

I've got several ideas for this which, in the coming days, I'll post. What I am interested in is feedback.

Say for example, I was going to do something with Lily and this painting. Off the top of my head what comes to mind is a little animation of her putting on the hat and smoke coming out, she floats up, and passes the logo. Or something like that. I wouldn't think the logo would have to be physically be in the place where ever the animation is taking place but it would need to appear at the end. So that is to say, she wouldn't need to pass it necessarily, maybe it could form in the smoke.

So I lay all this out to say if anyone is interested in digging around the blog, drop me a note or a comment if you see some piece that you think might be a good candidate for consideration for animation for this little project.

Also, another question as far as the animation itself. Do you think you would like to see it animated in the stop motion quality of "Le Cadeau du Temps" or something more like traditional hand drawn animation? I'm leaning towards the stop motion but I am open to the idea of hand drawn. I'm in the middle of the second of three hand drawn traditionally animated commercials so I've some experience with the process.

Thanks for any input anyone cares to leave!


Loren Eaton said...

I'd love to see the chimney sweep with hand-drawn animation. It's such a rich, magical image.

Shane said...

I think the Dragon/ Dandelion picture is one of your strongest and best loved.

It would be cool if the logo came out of the flames and dandelion embers.

taaron said...

i would find it interesting to see a mixed cast of all or some of your most recognizable and favorite characters, all working together, furiously building a structure that in the end pans out revealing their work to be a giant portland logo. what say you?