Friday, May 16, 2008

happy birthday or, best wishes.

Generally I am tasked with the creation of birthday cards for people around the office.

Some people get specific things. Ben Kammer for example always gets kid drawings that I do with my left hand. Mostly these revolve around his love/hate relationship with his cat.

Today I made an error. I made a birthday card that not ought to have been a birthday card. Jenny Peterson, our Traffic manager, administrative assistant, and Wendy is leaving.

So I made her a card but I accidentally made it a birthday card. In a moment of inspiration, I added "or Best Wishes" to the "Happy Birthday Jenny" and called it good. No one was ever the wiser.


ian said...

Very slick recovery! I'm sure she had no idea. . .

Hey Cory, thanks very much for the recent posts to my blog. It means a lot to get a "good job" from an artist that I admire. Love your work and I appreciate you stopping by my little blog.


Oliver. said...

This sketch is awesome. Very, very creative.

Ben said...

Thanks for the preschool drawings, and the photo of adolescent Kitty.

Often times, she perches at the window and mewls, and I know she's reminiscing about Cory aka Master #2 aka looming shadow that produces food.