Tuesday, May 06, 2008

series of pictures.

Every Tuesday we have a company meeting. We meet, generally, around 10:15 AM and then break up into smaller, individual meetings.

So for example, the Administrative team meets a little earlier, the entire company will meet at 10:15 to hear X Y Z, and design team will all meet. Then they'll call in whoever to go over their projects, etc. etc.

I always like to take good notes during these meeting. I'll amend this post with links to some meeting highlights today.

* * *
the meeting no one called
more notes from today's meeting
more notes from meetings
thyme flying
stringed instrument
more from hallowed antiquity
new mole drawings
eeny meeny miney

Generally these doodles are unrelated. But recently I've begun a series during the meetings.

"Trolls doing tricks on wheels"

Check back later today for a collection of exactly what you'd expect when you read the above title:

We'll have trolls doing some manner of trick on a wheeled mode of transportation.

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