Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ticket, spread number 7, page 2

Here's one of the more different (more different?) pages from Ticket. It has since been painted.

* * *

I got locked out of the office a couple months ago. I left my keys on my desk and wandered downstairs to get some soup and when I came back everyone had gone. And locked the door.

I went back into the store, bought a pad of paper and a pen and sat down by the door. While I sat squinting in the reflected sun off the white paper I made a list of everything I like to draw. This was right around the time I found out that I'd be doing a "zine" and was putting together ideas for it. Would it be one of older stories? Should I try to adapt some more "established" story of mine? Or should I try to make up something new. I decided to take an "established" character, Lily von Silvie Lenore, and write a new story around her. I liked the idea and began scrawling down ideas.

Oh, and eventually an intern arrived with a key.

I was able to fit about half of the list into Ticket. We'll see if we get a sequel.

In any case I could not be more pleased with the way this project has shaped up and I can't wait to see it printed.


Dauphine Poole said...

This is a beautiful drawing! I really like it :]

-Dauphine Poole

DavidM said...

That looks great! I can't wait to see the rest... so when you say zine is it really going to be a simplified version of a children's book or something? It looks like you have a main character and I'm interested to see what she's up to :).

Cory said...

"Zine" is a bit misleading but we can't really think of what else to call them.

A typical zine is small and cheaply printed.

These are printed 8.5 x 11 on heavy paper with a color cover on heavy cardstock. They're somewhere between a very nice magazine and paperback children's book.

They look and feel hefty. Scroll down around in my past posts to see the other one our studio has done.

DavidM said...

Thanks Cory. I checked out the entry you did on Sweet Ride and it cleared everything up. I got Beowulf for my birthday and it'll be neat to see what you come up with. I look forward to seeing the completed 'ticket'!