Monday, July 21, 2008


Tomorrow at noon I'll be putting the original watercolors from Ticket for sale on the Portland Store.

I originally was going to do them today, but I wanted to give anyone who wanted to get one to be able to hopefully hear about this in time.

They'll be for $ 90 + shipping and include a Ticket. Of course you can still get Ticket on it's own ($12) I just wanted to make these available for people. Think of this bonus Ticket as a gift to you. Or for you to give to a friend.

* * *

The way I work follows something like this: I do the drawings, I scan the drawing, I paint the drawings, I then scan the paintings and then to some degree put the pencil back on top of the watercolor in photoshop. I like the texture of the paint and I like strong lines. The watercolor tends to wash out the lines so to be able to get them back like this is great for me.

I painted all of these pieces with a mixture of Prussian Blue, Burnt Umber, and white gouache (opaque watercolor) So when they were printed, I made them black and white and I did some retouching in photoshop -- mostly correcting the levels (the contrast balance) scanning the image tends to flatten the values to a mid-range and not reflect the true painting.

The paper I used is a kind I was introduced to in school from Graphic Chemical and Ink Co. It's a type of printmaking paper.

That being said, I just wanted to be clear about the originals. Most all look mostly like the printed version in Ticket (except in black and white) but one or two were trounced with the watercolors. You can be the judge of their value as an addition to your wall.

So! Tomorrow, noon. Enjoy.


Oliver. said...
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Oliver. said...

Hi Cory,
I couldn't buy an original but I bought my copy of Ticket this morning!
I was checking the paper size of the original paintings, how did you scan such a big paper size?

Cory said...

hey Oliver. We've got a 11x17 scanner here at the office. I just scanned one side, flipped the paper and scanned the other then put it back together in photoshop.