Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ticket original watercolors. [updated 12:19PM]

Ticket original watercolors. $90

Original Art, Portland Studios Store.

1. Pinwheel Flowers.

2. Windmills.

3. The Magic Hat.

4. Bird Watching.

5. Landing.

6. Peter, Peter and the Beanstalk.

7. Ruins.

8. The Mountain Dragon.

9. The Old Man of the Docks.

10. Poseidon.

11. Lily Above the Waters.

12. The Ticket.

13. Pinwheels and Windmills, reprise.

End. Lily von Silvie Lenore.


I looked through all these paintings last night and wasn't sure I wanted to part with them.

In the end I held back one for me and one for Erin. I'm sorry if this ruins your future wall space plans.

Maybe if we get some demand going we could run a round of posters? Make your voice heard below.


John Neiner said...

On sale at noon? It's 10:10am and the piece I want is already sold?!!! LOL!

Great job on the project. I just received my copy of Ticket yesterday. Truly spectacular art.

DavidM said...

Cory! Thanks so much for offering these! They are amazing... I got on a few minutes too late I got my 2nd choice but I can't wait. My new office in Kalamazoo will now have a Cory Godbey original! Will you sign it?

Dave Miles

Christopher Lawson said...

Picked up four - would love to have them signed as well, Cory.

Thanks for sharing your imagination and spirit!

Will Kelly said...

Mr. Godbey, Sir,
Your work is stunning, and it is so grand that you are willing to part with your beloved Ticket originals. Artists that are selfish are destined to ruin. Artists that share with the world are true heroes.
I would love it if you would make these available in poster format, especially the clock tower and windmills on the hillside. Fabulous job!
Will Kelly

Cory said...

Hey thank you all. Yes they'll all be signed. No worries there.

Will, I'd love to get some posters going as well so we'll see what we can get worked up!

Thanks again everyone!

ponzo said...

make posters! please

Rima said...

Hello Cory.. just stumbled here from drawn and love what you do! Hooray for making books of your stories and paintings...
All best wishes to you from Scotland