Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 monsters, X, and moving on.

Just pulled all these together last night. Thought I'd share. The one in the top most left is as far as that one is getting. It wasn't so great an idea as much as I drew a head I liked and couldn't get the rest of it on par. But, here it is all the same.

These have been painted over last month. I started sometime in August and got all these together in about a month, month and a half.

It's fun for me to see the progression. I've learned a ton doing these last few ones. But now it's time to move on to my next personal project.

The idea for this next personal project was directly inspired by this song, "Walters."

Just a note, there's a little language at the beginning of the video but the song is what is amazing. In the coming weeks I'll begin posting progress. I hope you enjoy.

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Curious Art said...

Hey Cory, congratulations on the great interview at LCS! Your monsters are gorgeous & can't wait to see what you do with Mr. Walters!