Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"La Nuit Observateur" or, The Night Watcher.

I've stumbled upon a few new painting techniques that I feel will be very valuable in the coming months.

I'm pleased with this one for a few reasons:

One, it came together over two nights work. Two, the drawing and the painting I feel gain a nice level. Three, it reminded a friend of Mononoke-hime, or Princess Mononoke and he thought it wouldn't look too out of place in that universe.

I'll take that and interpret it as a compliment.

But to tell you the truth, I spent all my energies on the top and middle and sort of neglected the trees. Oh well. It's foggy. You can engineer an answer to any failure in action, right? Yikes.


Luke said...

This is beautiful.
I don't think the trees need to be very well realized. If they were too prominent it could well draw the eye and distract from the majesty of the creature anyway.

ian said...

I think this might be my favorite of all your dragons. Very moody piece and beautifully rendered.

Koldo said...

I didn't notice about this one before and I think is just outstanding.

Boyd Murdoch said...

I think that this is a beautiful image and i didnt feel that there was any obvious lack of something at the bottom. The simplicity of the bottom part of the picture is one of its strengths, it gives it mystery. I think you avoided the pitfall of overworking a great image.