Sunday, November 23, 2008

Completed tree mural.

This afternoon I painted a mural for a couple that are having a little girl.

Behold, the steps of the project:

The approved rough.

The wall with nothing on it.

You can barely, barely see the light pencil I drew on to guide the shape of the tree.

The grass.

Another view of the grass.

The trees in progress.

A badly comp.ed photo of the whole wall, just the trees and grass painted.

Wide view of most of the leaves painted.

The completed mural.

In the end I gave them two extra trees, rather than just the one. The wall had the space for it.

I enjoyed painting. I think the project took about 5 hours total, from the roughs to the last leaf.

Congratulations again, Will and Alison!


Will said...

Cory, you're an utter genius. Thanks again!

Nancy Bopp said...

Cory, this is beautiful! Thank you, Will for sharing it!!

Carlee said...

What kind of paint did you use on ze wall?