Sunday, December 07, 2008

where the heck --

have I been?

I think these last few weeks have been the longest in a while where I have left my blog untouched; my thanks to you who have stopped by while the lights have been off. I am sorry. At least I did not sit on your house. And I'm not a giant.

Erin and I came down with the stomach flu over Thanksgiving and that knocked us out for a couple days. When we got back I had two deadlines to finish that week and my harddive at work died on me, practically in my hands (fortunately I had most everything important backed up) to boot, I'm in the middle of the largest personal project I've ever done.

In a few weeks I'll be able to post some about it, but until then, and to thank you for your patience, I'd like to leave you with one page. One page out of about 50.

This is just the watercolor and pencil; I haven't applied the digital process yet, color, more values, etc. Just the raw watercolor.

Thanks for waiting.