Thursday, January 15, 2009

drawing for a drawing!

Alright here is where we are : a couple weeks ago Erin my beloved was a finalist in contest and she needed votes to win -- which she did, awesomely. (If you want to check back and see what this is all about here you go. )

So, if you voted and left me a comment back then you're entered. Thanks to all who voted (and if you were on Facebook you're in the drawing too) !

I'll announce the winner of "the drawing for a drawing" tomorrow!

One final thing -- for fun I thought it'd be nice to give the winner an option -- something musical or something awesome. The choice is up to you. If you win, that is.


1 comment:

Otto Chin said...

The title "drawing for a drawing" lead me to believe that you were going to trade drawings with people. That would be a fun project to do! Congratulations to whoever wins!