Thursday, February 05, 2009

dispatches from the edge of madness.

Well, not too much madness anyway. I think the medication has kept my cabin fever at bay for the time but we are fast approaching one week of having been wrapped up however, that's getting close.

Here's a quick update; the surgery went well, I have a couple anchors in top of my humerus and hopefully this will hold everything together. For the most part I've been sleeping, playing Worms on wifi (and destroying my competition) and drinking through a straw. I'm fully capable of drinking like an adult but let's face it -- straws are fun.

That, and getting some cards. They are pretty awesome so I thought I'd share them with you :

By Justin and my fellow Portland workers.
We always joke about getting a gorilla arm for me.

By neighbor and friend Andrew Ramos.
Who knows how badly I want a Terminator arm.

I've gotten some movement back in my arm. My hand I can move and my wrist I can move but I can't move my arm too well, not much up or to the side. You may rest assured I am working on that.

All that to say work on Grimm and Other Folk Tales has paused a few days (as planned, I built recovery into my time budget) I've gotten all my work together and I shot all of my reference before surgery and completed all of my 4 in x 5 in thumbnails and color-comped them.

As soon as I can move my arm just enough...


will kelly said...

So glad to hear you're doing well. Of course, your straw a twisty straw right?

James Palmer said...

"We can rebuild him.... Better than he was before. Stronger. Faster." Get well soon! I so dig checking out the blog.

J. Wade said..., I love worms.