Monday, May 18, 2009

girl and dinosaur

A while back, you may remember, I was interviewed about Ticket. The good man on the other end of the phone was named Clayton. During the interview my phone died and unrelatedly, my lamp exploded across my desk. It was an exciting interview to say the least.

Clayton and his wife are expecting a little girl and they have commissioned me to do a piece for them - with dinosaurs! I'll be blogging the process here over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the first round of rough thumbnails. We have yet to determine a direction :

1. Collecting flowers : This has the girl standing on the head of a long necked dinosaur. She's made a crown of flowers for it and herself and she's collecting more. There's flowers, butterflies, trees, vines.

2. Tyrannosaur tea party : This has the girl toasting the dinosaur (they both have a crown of flowers, I just liked the image) clouds, warm day, pterodactyls flying in the sky.

3. "Put it down" : This has the girl in a boat on the lake and a plesiosaur has risen up and picked up her boat. Girl's expression is cross, pointing down, to "put it down."

4. Triceratops Serenade : This has the girl, again in a boat this time with a friend serenading her on a guitar. Flying fish pop out of the water. Girl stands bold at the bow.