Friday, June 19, 2009

the naturalist + zach

Here's a photograph and the thumbnail of another new piece I'm working on. I'm not entirely certain what it's about but I think it's something to do with natural history.


photograph of the drawing in progress

* * *

In other news, Zach Franzen, at long last has started a personal blog. Zach is one of my favorite people of all time and a great friend. He is one of the most brilliant writers I've ever read and is also one of the most genuinely fun people to hang out with.

I think most people are only really good at one, maybe two things. Sure there's the odd person that's really an expert at three things but mostly I think it's only one. I think I've got one -- drawing. Everything thing else, (with the possible exception of my thoroughly useless command of Star Wars quotes) I'm abysmal. Zach, on the other hand, is an accomplished actor, vocalist, writer, and artist. He only is danged funny. Visit him over at A to Zach

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Aw Shucks.