Friday, June 05, 2009

updates :

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, things have been pretty busy at work and around home.

At work I'm working on a sample for an awesome and big client (but I don't think I can talk about it yet) but it's going so well, and so fun. I get to storyboard, and draw with brush and ink and re-compose those drawings into layers for animation. It's been a great experience.

In home news, we finished the upstairs bathroom, or rather, Erin did and I painted a coat of paint and then played Nintendo.

Terrible Yellow Eyes has been pretty consuming this week but it's been crazy rewarding. We've got the best post yet over there today, over 20 contributing artists! I hope you'll stop by and take a look. A new piece every 30 minutes until we hit 3PM and then we move to a new piece ever 15 minutes!
I've been working on several other projects at home too. Preparing for Comic-Con in July is the chief project. All of the other project sort of combine to form the big operation of Comic-Con, think of "Princesses, Monsters, and Things That Fly" my sketchbook 2009, several portfolio pieces, a couple original watercolors, assembling all my prints (many from Grimm, but other favorites as well) think of all these projects like a bunch of Constructicons who come together build the Devastator of Comic-Con.

Specifically, the portfolio pieces I'm working are all based off Tolkien works. It's something I've wanted to do for sometime but projects constantly pile up as I add more things to my lists of things to do. But! I am finally getting to these. I'm working on a Hobbit piece, a Fellowship of the Ring piece, a Silmarillion piece, and a Roverandom piece (if I get to the last one, we'll see!)

I look forward to finishing and postings these. I learned a ton working on the Grimm pieces and more still doing these Where the Wild Things Are tribute pieces.

I can't wait to apply these new found knowledges to Tolkien work.

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