Tuesday, July 07, 2009

fairy queen : thumbnails / roughs

There's something that we were missing last summer at Comic-Con: originals. With that in mind, I began working on at least 2 original watercolors to have this year (and I believe Justin will have a couple as well)

I've finished the first and I'm about to begin the second. For the rest of the week I'll be blogging the making of this first one.

Here's the original idea, thumbnail and rough.

Next post, the drawing.

And speaking of originals, I'll have some of the original watercolors from Walters, my 40 page story featured in Flight 6.


Cory said...

Hey Jarren! I will be selling prints of the final and after SDCC they'll show up on the store.

Jarren Williams. said...

Man this looks so cool Maybe the 2nd drawing will show up on Etsy? I would purchase this sooo fast Man wish I could be at SDCC :/

Jarren Williams. said...

awesome I can't wait!!! and I didn't know how to edit on here so I removed the 1st comment lol