Friday, July 10, 2009

fairy queen : watercolor stage 2 / final

Here's some bad photographs of the final watercolor.

What I ended up doing, after being disappointed with where I was with it at this stage, I went back and drew over the entire thing in a dark blue pencil. The blue helped the brown and really pulled the piece together for me.

Here's a better quality image, the scan :

* * *

This painting has worked out for 3 different things, one as an original I'm pleased with for Comic-Con, to reproduce as a print, and finally as the cover of my 2009 sketchbook,

Princesses, Monsters, and things that fly.

It's taken quite a while to bring together all the work for this little book but I finished it last night and it's going to be great. Just over 50 pages at this point. It's doodles, drawings, and a couple finished pieces all in one little book.

* * *

Here's a question for you and if you like, you can comment an answer :

For the print of this piece that I'll have, would you like to see it just the straight, original watercolor? Or a version more like the cover of my sketchbook.

Thanks everyone!

* * *

Next week's postings : Walters, my 40 page graphic novel story coming in Flight 6 and a couple other pieces I'll have for the SDCC.


Jarren Williams. said...
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Jarren Williams. said...

Wow whoever lands this original is a very lucky person it's beautiful. I would like to see the print like the original there is more characters included and I enjoy the scene more.

ljjasper said...

Definitely "plain" for a print offering.

Steve Ponzo said...

i'd say the original watercolor would make for a better print.

will your sketch book be available online after SDCC?

Michael Dooney said...

NIce. I like the deeper blue scheme overall. The previous color pass had a very James Jean Fables cover look which was fine too ;)

Rivka said...


Actually, I think I might like the cover version better. It looks more like a dim, mysterious faerie forest than the original does.

tapsi said...

One more vote for the original watercolour... it is lovely!

Kristen Anna said...

You can't go wrong either way - I love them both! But if I had to pick, I'd pick the cover version.

Anonymous said...

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