Wednesday, July 15, 2009

quick update /my handwriting in the Coraline trailer

The last two days I've meant to get back to my Walters posts and I do promise before I leave for San Diego I'll have them for you. Things have been so wild and crazy with getting work and prints and originals ready for SDCC that it's been impossible to do much else. That and real, live client work keeps me busy. Thanks for waiting, I hope to tell you some about writing the story and creating the art.

But! I wanted to show you guys this -- My hand writing font, Blue Goblet is used to advertise the release of Coraline on DVD. Awesome! :

Thanks for stopping by! I should get a break tomorrow evening from the madness so I hope to resume my Walters post then. I do these big long posts (however infrequent) as much for me as anything else, really, so I remember. Remember what it was like at the time during the project. Much like my two terribly long posts about Le Cadaeu du Temps and others. Creating Walters was a wonderful and such a rewarding experience. I look forward to getting the time to tell you more and I hope you enjoy the story when it's released in Flight 6 in just a few days.

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Kyle T. Webster said...

Well, how cool is that?!