Monday, September 07, 2009

Final "Snow White" - oil portrait

Here it is, finally! Snow White. I enjoyed this adventure in oil and I look to start my next very soon.

I uploaded a pretty big file for you guys to see. The scan didn't quite pick up some of the variations and subtitles in the hair and it is where the paint is thickest so I think that was part of it. Overall I'm very pleased and enjoyed my time.


Ken said...

Nice work! If you want to learn more about oil painting I highly recommend the book Oil Painting Secrets from a Master by Linda Cateura. The book is basically the pouring out of painter/teacher David A. Leffel's mind. A truly handy guide to oil painting plus lessons that work for all forms of art. peace.

theBictor said...

Enchanting. I've been quietly following this piece. Wish I could see more of the detail in the hair. Kudos to you, I have yet to try this method.

Jens Claessens said...

Very cool work, glad my friend introduced me!