Monday, September 28, 2009


We're still trying to recalibrate our time zone. That's stupid, you've been home for over a week, you may say. It probably is. But even so, we've been staying up far too late and getting up far too late. Today I broke the cycle and woke up at 8:30AM. I did what I could.

* * *

In other news, if you are not in the region of LA you can still view the Terrible Yellow Eyes exhibit online :

There are still a few pieces left available from the show (as well as a couple of mine) and if you are interested you ought to click over soon. They're not too many left.

* * *

And finally, my next personal project. I'm working towards putting together several pieces from Alice in Wonderland before I dive into my story for Flight 7. I'm about halfway through the planning/thumbnail stage so far for Alice. I'm giving myself the deadline of October. Basically I'm going to use whatever free time I have next month and devote it to these pieces. The only thing I'm torn over is medium. Should they all be drawings? I can handle those quickly and I'm most comfortable with them. Or should they be oils? A new medium for me, one with promise but unfamiliar. I just haven't decided yet.

* * *

Also for the foreseeable future, I'm going to move to a M/W/F posting format. It should help me be more consistent. Thanks for stopping by!


Mike Boldt said...

Fantastic showing! The collection is truly outstanding, and any of those pieces would be a treasure in any collection. That Nate Wragg piece blows my mind.

Looking forward to what you will come up with for your Flight story and for your Alice project!

Keep rocking it!

Jarren Williams. said...

I hope you do some drawing every time I look at your drawings I can imagine the colors differently each time it's never the same twice. Can't wait fir this and your mythology work

Steve Ponzo said...

I'm pumped to see your Alice work!! i've actually been working on a huge drawing based on the first book and hope to finished it by mid october as well. Put together an Alice show for the release of that movie as well cause you're not busy enough right?

will kelly said...

Whoa, Cory, did you just leak something about Flight 7? That's just too cool! I guess the guys at Flight know good stories & art when they see it. Awesome.