Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thistledown puppet : stage 1

Philip Hatter over at Thistledown Puppets sent me the first few pictures of the puppet I designed. Awesome!

Looking mighty fine! I'm very excited to see this come together.

Check out this link to the first post about the project for more info and to see the original painting.

Many thanks again to Philip for a great idea!


David Miles said...

He's amazing! Didn't you mention wanting a dragon suit for Comic con a while ago? How cool to see your artwork made in 3 dimensions!

Seb Mesnard said...

it's scary how beautifull it is! Hey dude you will have your own puppet! =) and what a puppet!!! Mes félicitations monsieur godbey. Seb

John Neiner said...

So cool!
I can totally see a stop motion animation coming out of this!

will kelly said...

Ha! So clever, and just like your drawing. Is he going to let you act it? The dragon would make a great sales rep for Portland Studios!

Tim French said...

Hey! You're on !